A Major Promise

of the SuccessMode program is making you the Boss of your Brain. The SuccessMode Toolkit offers an array of opportunities to manage your thought process, and it can be challenging to master them all at once. The good news is you do not need to try everything at once. A master craftsman does not haul out and use all their tools at once, and nether do you.

The morning is prime time to turn on your SuccessMode Routine. Make your thoughts and priorities come first, before Facebook or Instagram, before checking email, or tuning in the news media. If that does not work for you, then hopefully early on in the day, before your workload begins. It is your routine, do what works best for you.

A Popular Routine

Start the day with your priorities front and center. Many people like to start off with 10 -15 minutes to review Goals and Milestone Goals, checking off ones accomplished and adding new ones. Next review Affirmations, then tweak the Daily Plan of Action accordingly. Done! You’ve started the day with your priorities leading the charge.

At other times of the day slip in a visualizations or two. Lean back, close your eyes, and day dream about some of your favorite things: perhaps a vacation, a new job, a romantic encounter, a new car, or maybe solving some social issues. Then in the evening as you approach bedtime review a few of your affirmations and/or visualizations.
Running a daily routine does not have to be a laborious chore or a big time grab. Your brain is constantly occupied with thoughts anyway, might as well incorporate some positive goal oriented ones as part of your ongoing thought process.

SuccessMode on the Fly:

Even when we have our routines and schedules in place, each day will present unique opportunities and challenges. The SuccessMode Mindset is strong, centered, and confident, which allows us to focus and invoke thoughts and actions that solve or take advantage of current situations. On any given day our brains are chattering away with ongoing self-talk. We encounter numerous opportunities to apply spontaneous affirmations. One thought triggers another and it’s advantages to have an arsenal of affirmations to fire off in your favor. Here are a few examples:

Heading into a meeting. “I am frank, fair, firm, and friendly. I expect favorable results from this meeting.”
A mailbox full of bills. “I pay all my bills on time. I am always current and up to date.”
Concerned about your weight? Whenever you think about food, fire off, “ I eat smart and healthy. I’m the perfect size and shape.”
When you get behind the wheel, “I am a safe and skillful driver.” Walking on a slippery slop, “ I am a steady, sure footed warrior.”
When you think about money, “I am prosperous. I’m making money left and right. I am a smart money manager. My bank account is growing.”
Stepping into a party. “Meeting people is fun. I love meeting interesting people.”
Caught in a time crunch. “I can do it. I’m always at the right place at the right time. Good things happen for me.”
When people are sneezing and coughing all around you, “I am strong and healthy. I never get sick.”

Success Songs

can be a great resource for quick improv responses. Like facing a difficult task: “ I can do it, I can do it. When the going gets rough, I dig deep and hang tough.” We all engage in self-talk, might as well steer the conversation in a favorable direction. Grab a little time to yourself and create some song lyrics or poem verses that serve your cause. Many people listen to the recorded Success Songs while driving or commuting. Listen to a Success Song playlist on your way to a business or social get together, guaranteed to put you in an upbeat positive mood.


can be created instantaneously for good causes. Train your brain to snap quick screenshots of your immediate needs. A favorite is when driving around looking for a parking space. Try bring up a mental picture of a vacant space. Before going into a meeting or a job interview set a side a few moments to sit quietly with eyes closed and visualize the desired results. Concentrating on your wants and desires will increase the odds in your favor. Day dreaming can be very pleasant and profitable.

Keep it simple, have some fun, and integrate the SuccessMode Mindset into your day. Always keep in mind:

“The quality of your thoughts determines
the quality of your life.”