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Click on the App and carry Success Songs in your pocket everywhere you go. Play them often and feel the Spirit of Success. Also create your own songs and poems to personalize your goals.


Success Songs

Success Songs is a series of motivational songs promoting an attitude of achievement. These songs harness the power of music to tap into our emotions. Research has shown when we feel experiences through our emotions, the learning is more profound. Motivational songs are being taught in schools. Many schools across America, both public and private, are utilizing Arts Integration to teach students a variety of subjects, including math, science, and social studies. Success Songs are affirmations put to music. We want to think success and feel successful. Motivational songs are a lot of fun.

Song Samples

Here are seven short songs, 10 minutes worth to get you started. They cover some of the biggies in life like love, health, happiness, money, and self confidence. The songs can be played individually or as a loop. The idea is to sing along and learn the songs by heart. Then you can bring them up and integrate the songs into your day. Thus filling your head with positive thoughts.

Got It All Together

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

Im Feeling Up

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

Turned On

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

I Can Do It

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

Open Up Your Heart

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

I Love Money

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

I love Success

by SuccessMode | Songs for Success

How to Write Success Songs

Also, you can create your own songs for particular goals. It is easy and can be a lot of fun. Most mobile devices have some type oft recording app like VoiceMemos or GarageBand.

Step 1: Write it down

Write down affirmations for your particular goal. Remember first person, already a fact is best.

Step 2: Rhythm and Rhyme

Play around with the words. Use a Rhyme Dictionary app to help create some verse and rhymes. Be silly, have some fun. Don’t worry about a Grammy Nomination. You do not have to share with anyone if don’t want to. Snap your fingers, tap your toes, feel the rhythm begin to flow. Work into a simple melody, verse, or a Hip hop cadence.

Step 3: Record Your Song

Record yourself singing your success song on your mobile device. If you are up for it gets some friends to help you. Now put on your ear buds and play it at least twice a day and learn it by heart.