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You can have the proven techniques used by many successful people at your finger tips. With a few taps you can pull up the SuccessMode Toolkit, which is full of fun and effective Power Tools.

• Be the Boss of your Brain
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• Rise to your Full Potential and attain your Goals


The SuccessMode Trifecta


Goals are the seeds of success. Writing down goals declare your intention to yourself and the Universe. Clear, concise goals determines your path in life.

Success Tools

The SuccessMode Toolkit contains power tools utilized by many successful people from Olympic Gold Metalist to Fortune 500 Executives. Learn how to master the techniques of success.

Success Songs

Success Songs are affirmations and goals expressed musically. It is a fun and affective way to feel the emotional side of success. There are prerecorded Success Songs, plus you are encouraged to create your own.

The journey to Success begins with the SuccessMode Playbook

Every good coach has a game plan. They sketch out the best moves by the major players. Possible plays are laid out in strategic order. Be your own life coach and utilize the SuccessMode Playbook to lay out a game plane for your success. It walks you through the process of tapping into the Universal Force, creating goals, and taking advantage of the SuccessMode Toolkit. Open the Playbook and follow the Seven Step Strategy to Success. Let the journey begin!

Goals are the Seeds of Success

Declare your goals and establish your intension to yourself and the Universe. Goals come in all shapes and sizes from obtaining a PhD in Enviromental Science to loosing 15 lbs. Write your goals in short bold statements. Then you can write supporting MIlestones Goals

Power Tools Build Success

The SuccessMode Toolkit offers 5 power tools to help achieve your Goals and reach your full potential. These are proven techniques used by many successful people from all over the world. When used together the tools create satisfying results.

  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Song Lyrics
  • Daily Plan of Action
  • Guided Meditations

Success Songs bridge the Emotional Gap to Success

Success Songs are recorded affirmations wrapped in music. They have catchy lyrics and add fun and Emotional Connection to the pursuit of Success. Research has shown a strong connection and a higher level of retention when we feel as well as intellectualize a subject. You can play the songs individually or create playlist to suit your current or goals.

Put the SuccessMode Power Tools to Work


Affirmations are statements based on your goals that affirm they already happening. Read your affirmations at least twice a day, preferable first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. Repetition creates reinforcement.


Create visual images that portray you goals. This can be mental movies where you see yourself obtaining your goals. They can be pictures you make or cut out of magazines of items or events you want.

Write Song Lyrics

Creating song lyrics or verses about your goals can be a lot of fun. Even if you have little musical ability you can still play around and create verses or a ditty for your ears only.

Daily Plan of Action

The Daily Plan of Action is a tool that creates an intelligent organization for your day. Having a plan puts you in charge of your life. A Daily Plan of Action can have broad range of goals from small to huge. It helps to see the whole picture and prioritize.


Meditation is a simple technique to relax, reboot your brain, and summon the Universal Force. There are many forms of meditation, and the good news is you don’t have to get religious, sit cross legged on the floor or a mountain top. One of the main purposes of meditation is to reach a state of relaxed alertness where the mind is empty of brain chatter. When your mind is still, you will discover clarity and energy as you pursue your goals.