Success Tools

The SuccessMode

Be your own life coach. Every good coach has a game plan for winning. The SuccessMode Playbook is a seven step strategy for winning the game of life. Download a PDF copy of the Playbook, which you can print or email to yourself and friends. Then follow the easy to use steps for achieving your goals and desires.

The Power of Successful Habits

Research has shown that the average human mind will process upwards of 2,000 thoughts in a single 24-hour period. And nearly 60% of those thoughts may be in random chaos. SuccessMode promotes awareness of thoughts and emotions, and how to structure them into positive patterns that support your desired lifestyle. The SuccessMode tool kit draws upon four powerful practices to employ thoughts that work for you and build successful habits.

The Universal Influence

Scientists are discovering the secrets of the Universe. Powerful telescopes and high-speed particle accelerators have revealed a universal energy that permeates the stars and galaxies, the plants on earth, the creatures on the land and sea including human beings. You don’t have to wait for the Force to be with you. You are the Force! Learn to summon more of the Force and put it to work enhancing your life.


An affirmation is a statement coming from a position of strength. It comes from the word “Affirm”, which Webster defines as, “To say something is true in a confident way”. We all talk to ourselves all the time. Time to rewrite the script so we excel as the hero of our own lives. Affirmations are easy to write, plus they can be a lot of fun.


The human brain is an evolutionary marvel. One of the brain’s unique abilities is with closed eyes to see images. We can visualize a series of colorful detailed pictures. Michael Phelps’ swimming coach, Bob Bowman, taught him how to utilize visualization to win more Olympic gold than anyone on the planet. It is fun and effective to be your own filmmaker, where you write the script, direct yourself as the hero of your own mental movies. Click here to Check out what Michael has to say about Visualization

Success Songs

Success Songs combines the strength of affirmations with the emotional power of music, which creates enthusiasm and a media to enjoy on your journey to achieving success. SuccessMode has recorded several songs that various realms of success. You are encouraged to sing along, and learn how to compose and tailor your own songs to pursue your heart’s desire.

SuccessMode Business Plan

Are you feeling the entrepreneurial spirit? Thinking of starting your own business? There are many working parts to most businesses, and it is important to think ahead and be aware of the basic requirements of starting and operating your own business. That’s why smart entrepreneurs start with a good business plan. Click below to learn the basics of proactive business planning.