Create your own Affirmations

Design and write your Goals into Affirmations that are tailor made just for you. Carry them close, so they are easy to review and motivate you to achieve your goals and desires.


Affirmation For Success

Everyday everyone is indulging in Self-Talk. Affirmations are conscious on-going self-talk. Affirmations are the building blocks of a strong, confident demeanor and help create an Attitude of Achievement. The word attitude comes from the Latin word Aptitude, which means , “a natural ability”. The goal is to make Success a natural ability. Affirmations assert conscious control over self-talk putting you in charge of your brain.

Tips for Crafting Affirmations

Write affirmations in the first person, “I am…” as if it’s already a fact. “I am affluent.” “I am making over $100,000 a year.” “ I invest my money wisely.” Group affirmations into dominant and supporting statements. The dominant affirmation is the main goal; the supporting affirmations are the necessary steps to achieve the main goal.

“I weight 1?? pounds. I eat lean and healthy foods. I work out 3 to 5 times a week. I enjoy feeling trim and energetic.”

“Fortune favors the Bold. I am an action hero armed with audacity.”

Have fun with affirmations. Be bold! Think big. Be audacious. “It pays to be assertive; it’s fun to be audacious.”

“I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy”

“I have everything I need to be Successful”

“I’m doing everything right”

“Good things happen for me”

“My light is shining bright”

“My friends love and support me”

Making Affirmations a Part of Your Life

Writing successful affirmations start with monitoring your thoughts. What’s going on up there? Awareness is a habit. Get in the habit of being aware of what you are thinking about at any given moment. You will be amazed at how many thoughts, ideas, and emotions are running through your mind. It’s like OMG, “Did I really think that?” “Did I just spend two hours watching mindless junk?” “Why am I am dwelling on all this stuff?” Our minds can be like impulsive children on a sugar rush. One thought after another on a rampage to nowhere. Start keeping track of what is running through your mind. Good, bad, weak, strong, positive, negative? Once you become aware of your thoughts, you own them, and can take control from here on out.

Step 1: Write Down Your Affirmation

Write your affirmations down on a sheet of paper, 3×5 cards, a bulletin board, and or your mobile device.

Step 2: Commit Them To Memory

Read and speak your affirmations at least twice a day first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. Hold them in your mind as you slip into sleep.

Step 3: Recall in Times of Need

Soon your affirmations will be embedded in your memory, which allows you to state them at will. During the day whenever a target subject comes up, like “money”: State your money affirmations quietly to yourself.

Make your affirmations readily Available

Keeping your affirmation readily available is vital to committing them to memory. Remember, you can record your affirmations on your mobile device, then play them back during the day. Play them while you’re in the shower. Play them when you’re driving, or sitting on a bus.