Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuccessMode?

SuccessMode is an attitude. Everyone has an attitude whether we realize it or not: Positive, negative, generous, stingy, excited, lukewarm, even indifferent is an attitude. Everywhere we go our attitude proceeds us telling the world who we are and what we expect. SuccessMode is an attitude that communicates confidence and ambition. An attitude that tells the world what you want.

How can I tell if The Force is with me?

The is a very good question. The Force is always with you to some degree or else you would be dead. What level is The Force am I working with at any given moment? A good barometer of The Force is your emotional state. How do you feel. If you are feeling up and happy you are experiencing a higher levels of The Force than if you are feeling down or depressed. Look around at your everyday encounters of friends and associates. It’s easy to sense who is working at higher frequencies, “feeling Up” and those who are dragging and “feeling down”. Ever watch children in carefree play? They are little Force balls running, laughing, and playing.

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmation is a statement coming from a position of strength. It comes from the word “Affirm”, which Webster defines as, “To say something is true in a confident way”. SuccessMode Uses affirmations to promote conscious Self_Talk.

Do I need to take a class to use successMode?

No, you do not need to take a special class. The SuccessMode website is an online class that talks you through the tools available to help you obtain your goals. The only outside course we recommend is Transcendental Meditation. They offer a short introduction session to get you started. Go to the Transcendental Meditation website

Is SuccessMode the same as hypnosis?

SuccessMode is not a form of hypnosis used by a doctor or a therapist . SuccessMode can be considered a form of self-hypnosis. When you sit in a relaxed state and utilize visualization, you are using the mind’s natural ability to create images of your choosing that will promote your goals. ,

Is Successmode a religion?

SuccessMode is not a religion. It is a set of techniques based on physics and psychology. It does not interfere or compete with existing religions or atheism. The main belief of SuccessMode is positive thinking.

What is a visualization?

Visualization is the brain’s natural ability to create mental images. Close your eyes and think of a red ball rolling across a green lawn and your mind will format a mental image of the scene. Many high achievers have utilized the power of visualization to help achieve their goals. SuccessMode teaches you how to put this magnificent tool to work in your own life.

Do I have to close my eyes to do visualizations?

Not always, but it helps. Often times closing your eyes helps to block out the visuals that are right in front of you, allowing you to focus on creating that mental picture of achieving whatever it is you wish to achieve. All of this is not to say that you can't visualize with your eyes opened either. The best thing to do is whatever is most comfortable to you.

Are there any other benefits to SuccessMode other than reaching goals?

Yes, SuccessMode not only helps achieve your goals, it also helps promote an overall sense of well being . Utilizing the techniques like meditation, visualization, and Songs for Success have an uplifting quality. When you are feeling healthy, happy, and self-confident you will be more effective in achieving goals. They go hand and hand.

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